about liquid bass records

Who Are You Guys?

Liquid Bass Records is an independent record label launched in December 2011. Our aim is to release alternative music from greek bands on the format we love, Vinyl. Since October of 2013, the sublabel Dark Liquid Records was launched, which is releasing the dark releases from the post-punk /darkwave/minimal synth scene.

Where Can I Find Your Releases?

Generally you can find copies of our catalog in record stores in Greece and worldwide. As most of our past catalog is sold out from us, the easiest way to find a copy is through discogs, where various sellers list copies.

How Can I Hear First About Upcoming Releases?

Unfortunately we don't run a newsletter anymore, but you can check this website from time to time, or even better, like us on facebook where we are regularly posting news.

How Can I Contact You Guys?

Feel free to use the Contact form, or send us a message through facebook.